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hy·brid  \ ˈhī-brəd \

More than just a team of dedicated sales professionals, we are a team of designers, manufacturers, importers, and collaborators. Founded in 1999, MSA has provided contract furnishings to some of the largest, most respected companies in the world. ​In addition to the great companies that we represent, our manufacturing arm, MSA Design & Fabrication, provides our customers with the means to bring their visions to life. We complement our local “Made in America” manufacturing with products from our international partners, allowing us to provide our clients with the best of all worlds. 
Hybrid… we can’t think of a better word to describe us.

Our Product Offering:

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MSA Design & Fabrication

MSA Design and Fabrication 


Provides our customers with the means to bring their visions to life. Any material, any finish, any quantity. Whether for use indoor or outdoor, MSA will design, engineer and manufacture your custom furniture.




Eurø Style has continued to grow, focusing on the latest in contemporary design. The innovative and stylish concepts from the Eurø Style design team require a high standard of quality and workmanship – and the use of the best materials.


Fiori Design & Consulting

Fiori Design & Consulting

Is a multifaceted 3D rendering and design provider. We produce realistic interior and exterior renderings, product renderings, and about everything in between. Creating a piece of art within every project is our passion and goal. 


Hart Concrete Design

Hart Concrete Design

Hart Concrete Design is a place where talent and creativity intersect. Every piece of concrete is 100% handmade, creating a very specific value to our product. This group of skilled artisans design & create concrete furniture, flowerpots, and architectural elements. 

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