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Design Access Agreement

Hey there! This agreement is between us, MSA Industries (the custom furniture folks!), and you (the awesome person looking for some killer designs!). We want to share our amazing designs with you so you can wow your clients, but we also need to make sure our secrets stay safe. So, let's set some ground rules!
Here's the Deal:

  1. Sharing's Fun, But Ownership Matters: We're happy to show you our designs so you can pitch them to your client. But just like grandma's secret cookie recipe, they belong to us, lock, stock, and barrel. Think of it like borrowing a fancy car – drive it, show it off, but don't claim it as your own.

  2. Keep it in the Family: Sharing is fine, but only with your client. No spilling the beans to other vendors, okay? We're proud of our creations, and wouldn't want them ending up with the competition.

  3. Mum's the Word: Your client shouldn't be passing our designs around like party favors either. We trust you to make sure they keep them under wraps, just like the ending of your favorite movie.

  4. No Copying Allowed: Those designs are like our precious snowflakes – unique and irreplaceable. So please, don't try to design something similar yourself. We put a lot of love and sweat into them, and wouldn't appreciate an imitation.

  5. Showcasing Our Designs: We may choose to feature the amazing projects we create in our marketing materials. This could include showcasing them in email marketing campaigns, on our website, and even in printed brochures

  6. Laws & Stuff: While we want this agreement to be as chill as a beanbag chair on a sunny day, let's be real – it's still a serious commitment. Messing with our hard work and secret sauce (read: designs) could involve some not-so-fun legal stuff. So, let's treat this agreement with respect, keep it under wraps, and create some design magic together! 

  7. That's All, Folks! This agreement covers everything we need you to know about sharing our designs. No secret handshakes or hidden clauses here, just simple, straight-up talk


Sound good? We thought so! Let's shake on it and get this design party started!

- MSA Industries Team


P.S. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We're always happy to chat!

P.S.S. This Design Access Agreement was last edited on February 1st, 2024.

Thank you!

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