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Terms & Conditions of Sale
& Warranty

MSA Industries Inc. warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship given normal usage and care. MSA will repair or replace at its option, any product that upon our examination is shown to be defective. Labor is not included. This warranty excludes items that were not installed, used, and maintained in accordance with industry standards, and is invalid if the product exhibits abuse or has been altered or modified in any way, or if unauthorized corrective action has been taken. MSA does not warrant products that are exposed to extreme environmental conditions or that have been subject to improper storage. This warranty excludes normal wear and tear (to be expected over the course of ownership). MSA shall not be liable for transportation costs incurred in returning products, nor shall MSA be liable for any incidental or consequential damages including inconvenience, loss of time, lost profits and loss of use of product, resulting from a claim. This warranty does not apply to rental furniture. Warranty periods are listed on all curated line products. Warranty periods for custom products vary; inquire for custom item warranty. 

All posted prices are subject to change without prior notice. Specifications listed are approximate and not exact. MSA Industries reserves the right to make changes or modifications to the product line when necessary without prior notice. Quotes provided by MSA Industries are valid for 30 days unless otherwise noted. 

MSA requires that all orders be submitted in writing to avoid errors and/or duplication. Orders will be acknowledged via email within one business day of purchase order receipts. If you do not receive an order confirmation (acknowledgement) within 24 hours, please contact us. For orders that require a shop drawing, drawings will be provided within two business days of order receipt. Please check the acknowledgement and shop drawings for errors immediately upon receipt. It is the customer’s responsibility to double-check the acknowledgment and shop drawings and inform MSA immediately of any errors or omissions. The acknowledgement and shop drawings as the final agreement between the customer and MSA and supersede all previous communications. In an instance where the acknowledgement and shop drawings have conflicting information, the shop drawing supersedes the acknowledgement. Changes to the shop drawing will require new drawings to be produced and a new sign off. 

Lead times begin when shop drawings are approved and a deposit has been received by MSA. Lead times provided are dependent on standard estimated material and hardware delivery dates. If any materials or hardware components are backordered or arrive damaged, it may cause a delay. 

All freight and shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the customer. Upon release to a common carrier, all risk of loss or damage is shifted to the buyer. Our products are carefully inspected and packed before they are shipped. MSA is not responsible for damage or loss incurred during shipment. Should you receive items that are visibly damaged, you must note as such on the bill of lading before signing it. ALL DAMAGE (including concealed damage), losses, and shortages must be reported within 5 calendar days from receipt of the order. Take pictures of the damaged product and call the carrier to report the damage and schedule an inspection. Retain damaged items and packaging at the original receiving location, unaltered and unused. Call Customer Support for assistance with filing a freight claim. Written details as to the extent of the damage and/or photos will be required. MSA Industries, Inc. is not responsible for concealed damage or shipments that have not followed these procedures.

Payment terms are listed on quotes and acknowledgements. In the event timely payment is not made, interest will be charged at the rate of 1.5% per month on delinquent accounts. In the event that MSA Industries, Inc. is required to engage a collection agency or attorney in order to enforce invoice payment, buyers will be responsible for normal collection fees charged MSA Industries by such entities.

Credit terms will be extended at the discretion of MSA Industries, Inc. upon verification of industry trade and business references. MSA Industries reserves the right to change its deposit requirements at any time.

Our order acknowledgement is final and binding. Any change or cancellation must be acknowledged in writing before the order goes into production. If production has begun, the account will be responsible for the entire invoice amount of the order that is cancelled.

No merchandise may be returned to MSA without our written consent and shipping instructions. MSA must be notified in writing as to the reason for the return. MSA has the discretion to approve or deny a return. Once the return is approved, a written Return Authorization (RA) will be issued. No returns will be accepted without a written and approved RA. Unauthorized returns will be returned freight collect.

MSA Industries, Inc. shall not be held liable for delay or failure of delivery due to strikes and/or acts of war, riot, fire, acts of nature, or compliance with government regulations, or any subsequent damages or losses caused by any failure on our part to produce and/or deliver an order correctly or in a timely fashion, regardless of whether such failure is the fault of MSA Industries.

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